Code sources are available under GPL license.

They are hosted by tuxfamily

Since 26/01/2004 TuxFamilly is down because of an intrusion.
I hope they will be again operational soon.

You can reach the sources in two different ways by using a CVS client :

1) The access is possible in pserver in anonymous mode :
 Acces: export
You cannot share your code modifications as anonymous.

2) Each user who has access to the CVS must belong to the hextractor group and must thus have a TuxFamily account.
 Acces : export CVS_RSH=ssh; export
Once you have created your account on TuxFamily, you can ask me to include you to the project, by contacting me at the following email address:

You can also reach the sources by using a browser at the following address :

For other information, you can join a mailing list dedicated to development issues (see mailing lists)

Two versions of HyperlinkExtractor exist, one being 100% java.
The other whith a Cocoa part for Mac Os X interface:

HyperlinkExtractor is written in java.
HyperlinExtractorCocoa uses the same java code with an additional part for Mac Os X interface.
It uses a modified version of jTidy.

People who participated to the development of HyperlinExtractor are:
Pascal Marcou : creator of the application.
Johann Cardon : bug correction so that the 100% java application is able to work under Windows.Has also hosted source code before Tuxfamily.
Version française/English version/Versió catalana/Versión española

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