HyperlinkExtractor et HyperlinkExtractorCocoa version 1.0 :
bugs of preceding version are corrected.
We can name it version 1.0.

HyperlinkExtractor and HyperlinkExtractorCocoa version 0.3 :
They still comprise bugs which, I hope for it, will be corrected quickly.
HyperlinkExtractor is written in 100% java.
HyperlinkExtractorCoca comprises an additional class writtent in CocoaJava for the interface under Mac Os X.
The name changed once again, this time a research on google does not give any response for "HyperlinkExtractor".

Html2RssConfig :
CocoaJava version for a use under Mac Os X.
Johann Cardon (see sources) required a Java version of me to be able to use it under windows.

RssFabricator :
Very first version of the application which was especially intended to see the viability of such an application.
After having tested it on several sites, I find it very practical and I decided to make it evolve.
By making research on google I find already an application which is called RssFabricator, I will have to change the name of the application.
As I have only Internet by modem for the moment, I systematically do not make research on Google, from where several renaming.

Pascal Marcou
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